Who are we?

Dutiful Dogs is owned and operated by a former Working Service Dog trainer and handler (Personal Protection and Scent Detection Dogs) with experience in Personal & Private Security in a high-risk environment (East Africa)


We believe that there is no better foundation for any personal dog than a working foundation.  Using the knowledge, communication and handling skills acquired as a working handler, we teach you how to best communicate with your dog, fulfil their needs, and show them how to live calmly and safely in the human world.  For dogs, leadership equals love.  Structure and boundaries equal security and safety.  We train you to form the good habits that will make you into the leader your dog needs, and build a stronger bond between you.

Where are we?

Dutiful Dogs's base of operations is in Kent, UK


Although we are primarily located in and around the London and South/South East England area, we are able to travel farther afield if required.  Quotations can be supplied on request.


Training takes place in the security, comfort and familiarity of clients' homes and/or businesses.  It can also be conducted in other locations as required, depending on your needs.  Our only stipulation is that clients are present for every training session.

What can we do for you?

Dutiful Dogs offers the following dog training services:

  • Behavioural Assessments for, and the resolution of, problematic and dangerous behaviours including reactivity, barrier frustration, leash-pulling, jumping, lunging, mouthing, and resource-guarding

  • Behavioural consultations

  • Tailor made training packages for puppies and dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages

  • Trainer-led client walks, for confidence building and guidance

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